Earth, Water, Air, Fire

The theme for 2024 are the 4 Elements of Nature and Life, reminding us of our interconnectedness with the natural world. They serve as a reminder of Namibia's diverse landscapes, the life-giving properties of water, the energy of the sun's fire, and the presence of air that sustains life, all in a continuous interconnected cycle of birth and life here in our red Kalahari dunes.

Applications are Open!

GRANT APPLICATIONS for Art & Creative Projects.

NamBurn is an pure volunteer event based on the Principles of Burning Man, and you are invited to create, collaborate, participate and be part of our global Burn Community.

In this Kalahari Desert, it is the creative art and theme camp projects that you create that are the headliners.

To find out how you can self-express yourself by creating art, participate and perform. Speak to Us.

The Namibian Burn

Leave no Trace - Respect Nature - Participate - Create

The communityNamBurn, the Namibian Burn

You are Loved.

The Namibian Burn

Our Burn community respects the environment, nature and diversity of people.

NamBurn, the Namibian Burn

NamBurn Home

A large grey clay pan surrounded by Acacia filled red Kalahari dunes (Google Maps link above). Respect our Principles and the Environment. Leave no trace.


Creative Art

There is no limit on your artistic creativeness. Dream it Create it and Participate.


Music is Art

Music is an art form highly valued in our Burn Community.

10 principles of burning man