The Namibian Burn


The Namibian Burn invites artists and participants to bring their unique skills, ideas, talents and creations, as a celebration of the human creative spirit as embodied in the ethos and spirit of our Burn Principles.

We follow the Burning Man Principles, which were crafted not as a dictate of how people should behave and act, but as a reflection of our global Burn Community's Ehos, Spirit and Culture of making the World a better place.

- Registrations open -

Submit your ART: The rules for burning art is quite easy! Let your imagination go! See further down below the basic guidelines.

Gifting is what the Burn is all about. Got an amazing idea? Let's hear it!

Want to bring your 'gifting', yoga, fire flow art or being creative?

We love the art of music!! Keep in mind, a Burn is not just another music festival.  Talk to us!

                                                             The Burn

Your Burn Home

Imagine Dream Create Burn



Where the Burner-bell Rings

Crafted from steel and moulded by the Principles calling Burners back home.

Namburn entrance


Imagine, dream and create.

Namburn suburb - Theme camps

The Art of Fire

Combining the arts of creation, fire and music... Burning.

Camp fire and laughter

Peace and Laughter

Where kindred souls meet.


You ARE the Star

You create and paint the Burn canvas.

space and place

Magic of Sound

The art of sound is the heart-beat of a Burn

Burning the'Bose magte'

The art of Burning

Civic & social responsibility...the Principles and Community first.

Burning art area / Playa

Dream, Create, Burn

For You are the Burn.

Guiding Principles

The spirit, ethos and culture.